Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface (HMI) (I): Situation Awareness & Effective Alarm & HMI Design Practices

This webinar is presented by Jenny Coleman (Human Factors Investigator, WorkSafeBC), Charles Bloom  (Senior Partner, Human Centered Solutions) and Jamie Errington (Senior Partner, Human Centered Solutions). Poor alarm management is one of the leading causes of unplanned downtime in process industries contributing billions in lost production every year. This introductory principle-based webinar will help to understand how the system should convey and facilitate accurate and timely fault and diagnostic information to operators, resulting in effective plant management. It will engage attendees to think about their control systems and how their systems could be optimized for efficiency, safety and operator detection and decision making.


Human Machine Interface (HMI) (II): West Fraser: A Journey to Improved Situational Awareness

Building on the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) (I) webinar, this presentation provided by Jenny Coleman (Human factors Investigator, WorkSafeBC and Brian Grantham (Pulp Manager, West Fraser). The purpose of the presentation is to highlight learnings from a project that was undertaken to upgrade the HMI system and rationalize the alarms to improve operational situational awareness and enhance safety.