How to Use the Training Hub

Welcome the the WPAC learning hub.

This site is designed to support WPAC members in the training and assessment of Plant Operators.  A Certificate of Completion is issued at the successful completion of a course, and assessments only reassess the learner on areas where gaps exist. There are three main categories:

Plant Health and Safety has eight courses including:

  • Risk and Risk Control
  • Workplace Attributes
  • Legislation, Regulations and Tickets
  • Health and Safety for Plant Operators
  • Upset Conditions
  • Process Safety Management 
  • Operate Plant
  • Combustible Dust and Gas

Professional Skills has seven courses including:

  • Effective Supervision
  • Orientation, Training and Skills Development
  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors
  • Communication Skills for Supervisors
  • Due Diligence for Supervisors
  • Hazard ID, Inspection and Investigation
  • Human Factors

For members benefit there is also a Webinar Safety Series including:

  • Biomass Storage Part 1
  • Biomass Storage Part 2
  • Bow Tie Analysis Part 1
  • Bow Tie Analysis Part 2
  • HMI Part 1
  • HMI Part 2