Bow Tie Analysis

Bow Tie Analysis (I): Using Bow Tie Analysis to Assess Combustible Dust Hazards and Controls

This webinar is presented by Kayleigh Rayner Brown (Research Associate at Dalhousie University). Bow tie analysis is a barrier-based risk management tool and an established process hazard analysis (PHA) method. Bow tie analysis helps visualize risk and focuses on the barriers that prevent unwanted events from occurring. This webinar describes the bow tie methodology and how bow tie analysis to can be used to assess combustible dust hazards and controls.


Bow Tie Analysis (II): Using Bow Tie Analysis for Critical Controls Management

This webinar is presented by Cherie Whelan (Director for SAFE Companies), and Bill Laturnus (Senior Safety Advisor, BC Forest Safety Council). Building on the Bow Tie Analysis (I) webinar, this module expands on the bow tie analysis method and how it can be used to identify critical controls. Critical controls are those that play a crucial role in preventing or mitigating an incident involving combustible dust, like a fire or explosion. This webinar explores the identification and management of critical controls.